Tailored Services

For all business and financial services

We understand that every clients’ business is different, and that their requirements can change quickly. We therefore aim to provide a flexible service designed to meet the specific needs of each client.

All of our directors and senior staff are available to give assistance and advice as and when required. However, clients will find that one director is primarily responsible for the overall service provided to them. In this way, we find that all aspects of your personal and business financial matters can be viewed together and advice can be given on a personal basis to suit your individual circumstances.

We are very pleased to have a tradition of very low staff turnover, which also enables us to give continuity of service based on background knowledge of each clients’ financial matters.

Advances in technology over the years have moved the focus of our work away from accounts production as an end in itself, to advising on all financial aspects of businesses. We have also found that the abolition of the audit requirement for most smaller companies has enabled us to spend more time discussing issues and giving advice, whilst continuing to carry out statutory audits for larger clients where required.


Our fees are calculated on the basis of hourly rates for all directors and accounting staff, and we are always happy to discuss likely fee levels in advance of carrying out any work.

Any fees or commission from third parties will be fully explained and in normal circumstances would be offset against our own fees or rebated into your investment.

We always aim to achieve an appropriate balance between the level of service provided to our clients and the cost involved, and we review this position on a regular basis.

Whether you are contemplating self employment for the first time or are a larger established business, we can tailor our service to meet your needs.

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